Kent, UK

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist In Kent, UK

After having the treatment myself in 2015 by a clinic on Harley Street in London, I wanted to make a difference to people who do not necessarily want to travel to big cities, but who still demand and deserve a professional service. I became fascinated with the possibilities surrounding this innovative and relatively unknown procedure for male pattern baldness. I was blown away with how good it looked.

I suffered with genetic hair loss since my early 20’s. I grew my hair long to hide my bald crown and thinning hair. My friends always noticed and smartly reminded me that I was going bald, giving me a series of nicknames.

In 2016 I contacted Damien of Scalp Guru who helped me start my new career in scalp micropigmentation. He recommended that I invest in the best training I could find, and suggested I contact two of the world’s leading SMP master technicians, Paul Clark and Simon Lane. They have an unrivalled reputation for delivering the most outstanding results attainable, anywhere in the world.

After passing their training program and achieving a distinction, I was ready to start my own clinic, Scalpworx.

Scalpworx clinic is a discrete and professional designated scalp micropigmentation clinic, with an accessible location, car parking facilities and based just 30 metres from Broadstairs train station. We’re a little over an hour from London and 30 minutes from Canterbury.

What sets us apart from our Harley street competitors is that our specialist treatment is based in Kent, so you don’t have to travel to London to pay for a quality service. We spend as much time is needed to understand exactly what our customers require, with a no obligation free consultation that is personal to you. You will find Scalpworx clinic a welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable place to have your procedure.

Your results are paramount to us at Scalpworx. We want nothing but the best for all our clients, and we want you to feel totally confident that you are in safe hands. We promise you will walk out of our clinic with confidence, having thoroughly enjoyed the experience and with the best possible result.

– Andy Webb


135 High Street
CT10 1NG
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1843 868522