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Scalp Micropigmentation Artist In Denver, CO

Eddie Lopez heads one of the world’s busiest and most successful scalp micropigmentation clinics. His attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence enabled Eddie to dominate the market in Denver, and at the helm of Scalp Artist International, is set to become an industry leader on a global stage.

Great scalp micropigmentation technicians require more than just a strong artistic flair and a steady hand. The true professional offers a depth and breadth of experience that enables them to handle any skin type, any scar tissue and any repair task.

Only through hard-won time on the job can this level of understanding and competence be achieved, and it is exactly this caliber of expertise you can expect when you visit Eddie Lopez at his office in Cherry Creek, Denver.

Jeff Cruz has had a masterful career in the Hair industry. Mainly Barbering. He has numerous Barbering awards ranging from the National Barbers Association award to National Barber Competitions. After reaching the pinnacle of his career, he has entered the world of Scalp Micro Pigmentation to better serve his huge clientele. Cruz has trained with some of the most well respected and top artists in the world and is ready to provide his clientele with a suitable solution to hair loss.


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